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Busting The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths



Busting The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths

Doggy Dan is one of Auckland’s leading dog trainers He uses the simplest, gentlest and most natural methods to change your dog’s behaviour.  Sharing with you  here Doggy Dan’s insights on the biggest dog training myths. Please continue to read below.

There’s so much conflicting stuff out there on the net. And most of it’s
absolute hogwash. So in this article I want to set the record straight.
Let’s delve into the most common misunderstood topics one by one.

1. Dog training takes lots of time

– Simply not true. When you know what you are doing, dog training is
actually incredibly simple. You don’t have to spend hours at dog
obedience classes, walking around in circles in the rain…this is old
school training. For most dogs this is so unnecessary and such a waste
of your time. If you are doing this and still struggling at home with your
dog then there is simply something going wrong with the basics. Dogs
are simple animals, they love to walk and exercise at least once a day
but for great periods of time a happy dog will also sleep for long periods.

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2. There is only one pack leader in the home

– Dogs can respect all the humans in the home and see them as the
pack leaders if you train them that way. I suggest that you want your
dog to respect everyone so that they will listen to commands no matter
who’s home or not. That a dog will only have one master is not true. Of
course dogs will respect those people who are calm and gentle and
actually know what they are doing more than those who don’t.

A great site where you can watch how to become the pack leader is
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3. Attending puppy school is really important

– Puppy school is not as effective as many owners think. Many puppy
schools are simply not a great investment. Far too many rush their new
puppies off to the local class where they sit around with a couple of
other puppies for an hour a week learning very little. At the end of 4
weeks, owners feel that they have “graduated” from puppy class but
have actually learnt nothing more than a “sit” command and met a few
other pups. Unfortunately most of the really important training is left out.
Getting important knowledge is more important than attending puppy

4. Quality dog training is expensive

– One of the best dog and puppy training packages available on the
internet is set at a price that anyone can afford. Sadly most people
spend a fortune for very poor advice simply because they don’t know
where to go to get great training. Many people have spent thousands on
pre-puppy school, puppy school, dog obedience classes, agility, dog
behaviorists and they still have nightmare issues with their dog. The
reason is that they still have not come across any quality dog training.
Doggy Dan’s site is one of the best puppy and dog training programs on
the market and he has set it at a very reasonable price. To take a look

5. You can train a dog using only Positive reinforcement

– Positive training is great, however it’s not a complete solution!
Sometimes you do also need to step in put a stop to unwanted
behavior. The other thing that’s crucial in training your dog is to
understand how to gain their respect in a loving and gentle way. This
doesn’t mean that you need to shout or hurt you dog but you do need to
do more than just reward their good actions. In many ways it’s like
training a child, you praise the good however you also need to step in
quickly and stop the bad actions maybe using timeout or something that
will make a child think twice before doing it again. Positive
reinforcement, such as treats, has a place in dog training but too often
it’s used incorrectly which creates more problems than it solves.


6. You should never use food treats

– Food treats used at the right time, in the right way, and in the correct
situations is one of the post powerful training tools. Doggy Dan has an
excellent grasp on how to use treats and demonstrates this throughout
his dog training program. With over 250 videos you get to see the few
times that he uses them and how effective food treats are, but also you
learn the art of fading them out over time.

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7. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

– Dogs are always ready to change at any age. Of course prevention is
better than cure and it’s often easier to train a dog correctly from the
start. Many older dogs are actually just waiting for you to show them a
new way to act. They actually want you to give them the gift of early
retirement and allow them to switch off and relax. Of course to do this
you first need to know what they are looking for and how to then
communicate it to them.

And guess what…Doggy Dan’s program shows you exactly how to do it
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8. Hard work and practice is all you need

– There’s a right way and a wrong way. Very often doing things the
wrong way will simply never work. Do it the right way and your dog will
respond in a matter of minutes. Dog training is not about hard work,
spending hours training your dog. They are smart animals and will listen
to you if you’re the pack leader, and understand how to communicate to
them. Great dog trainers have learnt to work smart, not hard.

9. Little dogs are easier to train than big dogs

– Size has nothing to do with it. There are very big dogs who are very
easy going and not difficult to train and there are some very difficult
smaller dogs. Just like people, you can’t generalize how people will
behave by their size!

10. Most dogs who cause trouble are stupid.

– Wrong. Most dogs causing trouble are very intelligent, even by a dogs
standard. Very often it’s the very clever, determined dogs who refuse to
give up that cause us the most frustration. This is where we need to
improve our own game and learn a little more about what is really going
on with these magnificent creatures.

Feel like you are missing a crucial piece of the jigsaw? Dog not
listening? Feel like you are struggling against them the whole time?
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